I want to know more about Ukraine
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Again, here is your link to a great page full of information about Ukraine, and again, we wont bore you with facts here!  http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/ua.htm

Here are some things we found others saying, or WRITING, online:

"There are many construction works and new buildings. Newly built modern suburbs, trade centers, redesigned streets and old buildings are being restored. Guess what kind of new businesses you will see the most often? If you guessed drug stores, churches, casinos or restaurants, you are correct. They are literally around each corner. It looks like they are the countries vital necessities."

This is correct except for the Casinos. That is no longer going on.

"Ukraine and the Soviet Union always had and still have a very well developed system of public transportation. Quite understandably not many families could or were able to buy a car and therefore the public transportation systems had to develop out of necessity. Nowadays everything is rapidly changing.

The city streets are overflowing with cars. But the cities were not designed for so many drivers and as a result, you can hardly drive your car downtown and pedestrians sometimes are not even able to cross the roads even on their green light. Cars end up being parked every where there is available space, pedestrian passes, parks, squares and wherever else they can fit."

Not sure if the person who wrote this went to Ukraine on a holiday or what, but this is not correct at all. Denver, for example, has WAY WAY WAY worse traffic on any given day than the biggest cities in Ukraine. The traffic there is crazy though, By which I mean, there are not many rules and signs, at least not compared to USA. And, packing people into a small bus to get from one end of town to the other, is very common. And we do mean literally PACKING! It is not comfortable at all!

"Unfortunately very many streets of the big cities look extremely dirty. It looks like all city services are busy with something else but their direct duties."

I found Kiev to be impressively clean each time I have been there. The streets and buildings are amazingly beautiful. To even imagine all the work to lay each pave stone for a road way, makes me exhausted. Same thing with Odessa and other cities. Now, the smaller towns and the streets or roads in between is a different story.

"What is life like for people living in Ukraine? The Ukrainian family budget is difficult to capture in official statistics since it operates on data about primary income. Meanwhile the cost of living in Ukraine forces most adults to look for alternative income sources; a second job, cultivation of land, using privately owned cars as taxis, selling edible and consumer goods."

Okay! Ukraine: Credit, as in your credit score and credit cards = almost non existent. Buying a house or apartment is not likely to happen. You will either, not YOU, but most people in general, will be Renting, living with parents, grand parents or other family members, or having a house or apartment (usually apartment) given to you from the passing of a parent. Your parents or grand parents may have received sutch an apartment from the Soviet government. Food and clothing prices compared to the US dollar usually anywhere from 4 to 6 UAH equal to one USD. Now don't think you can go there and be rich! When it comes to luxury items such as electronics or even high end clothes, expect to pay double if not triple the price you would in America for the same item.

As for cultivating land, only in small Ukrainian villages, but you could same the same thing about some places anywhere in the world. A lot of families enjoy gardens very much, as do many Americans.

Enough with the "text", after all we said we wern't going to do that. Here watch these videos!

Short and sweet, we searched hard to find good videos. Not good as in photography, good as in what is it really like. By the way, we have been to every spot you will see in the videos above. Including that apartment!