Dictionary for Russian words
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Learn Russian one word at a time
A one stop place to find and learn only the words you need. Use the button's to the left to get to the page you would like to explore. This is not meant to replace the levels of this website. They are set up to get you learning and REMEMBERING Russian as quickly as is possible. Please use this dictionary page as a reference as you find necessary.

Short words; This is our online dictionary of all the words contained in this site under 4 letters long in the English alphabet. Once translated into Russian they will, in most cases, not be the same.

Military only; These are all the words (associated to awesome images) we have that are Militia in nature. Such words as simple as "Gun" and "Walkie Talkie" to others like "Salute" and "Mitigation".

Adult words; You wont find anything to bad here sorry guys. This dictionary is mostly modest. You will find words like "condom" or "naked". But hey, after all, they are words and do need to be used in professional settings from time to time.

Most used; More or less self explanatory these are all the most popular words. If you needed to learn just the basics to prepare for an upcoming journey, this may be a good place for you.

Cognates; You get an automatic boost to your personal knowledge base. The Russian language has (at least a small amount) of words with the same or similar meaning also pronounced the same!
Feel free to use this Website to help you with learning Russian including the Russian alphabet and grammar. Learn without paying for software and without even giving us en email address! That's right, Bridge to Russia website is the only Russian Language website for you to learn free, without having to sign up or sign in!

We've worked very hard in researching other websites to bring to the lingual world what they are not. Other Russian website don't seem to understand how people truly learn. What this website does, BridgetoRussian.com, similar to BridgetoRussia, is teach you visually and in fun ways. We have fun pictures and want to make learning this new exciting language fun for our website users!

You can learn here as little or as much as you want and as quickly or modestly as you desire! Learn Russian fast, understand Russian, and appreciate it. This site is easily the equivalent of a, free rosettastone, except even better because we care only about Russian.

Below you will find pages showing al the words we have images of, for you to learn.
However just use this search box to find a word, and to bring up its page.