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Easter is one of the most important holidays for the Russian people. Though they are considered Christian, the main religion in Russia and Ukraine is Russian Orthodox. Specially detailed and hand crafted eggs were given traditionally as gifts on Easter along side candles, fancy clothes and special breads together in a basket. Russian people would (and still do) bring these baskets with them to church on Easter and there is a meal after the church ceremony. The Russian eggs now known as Faberge eggs, quickly took on a special significance and and show of beauty.

Here is a link to one of Bridge to Russian's friends whom is a master at painting beautiful eggs

Below (and only on Bridge to Russian) you will see some of her hand crafted eggs:
Making russian eggs
Feel free to contact "Ukrainian Princess" on my space at the link provided above for more details on how to make these Russian eggs.
яйцо (yaĭtso)
This is how to say egg in Russian
Making Faberge eggs
Russian word for egg is Yaitso - sounds like Yea'ts and also sometimes called Pysanky
A yellow Yates ^  (yaitso)
Russian eggs
And here is what the tradition has turned into as well what many people think of when hearing Faberge egg.
Fabergé egg in Russian would be Yaĭtsa Faberzhe. The actual Faberge Russian egg comes as one of the thousands of jeweled eggs made by the House of Faberge from 1885 to 1917 and can now be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Most were miniature eggs and nearly all of the Russian eggs were popular as gifts at Eastertide (Easter Sunday).

The most famous Faberge eggs produced by "the House" were the larger ones made for Alexander the third and Nicholas II of Russia. Only  50 were made and we know of only 42 that still exist.

No eggs were made from 1904 to 1905 because of the Russo-Japanese War. Once an initial design had been approved by Peter Carl Fabergé, the work was carried out by an entire team of craftsmen!

These beautiful Russian eggs are made of precious metals or hard stones decorated with combinations of enamel and precious gems. The Fabergé egg has become a symbol of luxury, and the eggs are regarded as masterpieces of the jeweler's and of Russian art.
Learn how to speak Russian one word at a time. The word for egg in Russian is Yates (yaitso). Let's practice with some sentences:

  • Yates are good for you

  • Yates have lots of vitamins and protein

  • I like to have Yates in the morning with breakfast

  • I like to paint Yates on Easter
Yates ^  (yaitso) - Painted with different designs