How do you say girl in Russian? Like this:
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We had a baby, it's a Devochka!! It's a girl, it's a Devochka

Now put two or three words together, okay?

Privyet Devochka - Hello Girl

Spasiba Devochka - Thank you Girl

Pozchalusta Devochka - Please Girl...

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So, to say girl in Russian is Devochka. Meeting Russian girls, or WOMAN, online can be a very practical way to find someone whom you can grow a life with.

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The kherson girls website is a little out of date, but it works and its easy to use =
The word GIRL in Russian is Devochka. We hope that this page helps you more then any other page on the entire internet, to learn the word GIRL in Russian. If you have any comments or need help please let us know. We are very friendly! = )

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