If this is the first page you are seeing with Bridge to Russian, it may be GOOD for you to view some others first. Because this is not how most of our words are taught. We are giving special attention to the word good in Russian, for the following reason. Dobre may be a word you are used to hearing for the word good. Both Dobre (or Dobry) and kharasho (ha'roh'sho) seem to be used interchangeably. They do in fact have rules like the English words: Good, Fine, Okay or Alright. It is usually to much for the concept of "one word per page" of this website. We believe the best way to learn, is one word at a time, and only by the most commonly used form of such word. "Good" however has two commonly used phrases, and one of them changes in the ending depending how it is use. Take the following review to help you understand when and how to use the forms of Good in Russian: Dobre, Kharasho and Kharoshiy (Kharoshie - both have a silent K).
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