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Russian meat can be a lot of the same as in the United States. We are not talking about Girls! We are talking about Russian meats like Chicken and Beef.

The Russian and Ukrainian people also enjoy Sushi like we in the United States. Fish is big and so are Kabobs (kebab) which have the same word and meaning as in English. They eat all types of meats and they eat more of the odd parts that many of us don't usually try, like liver etc..

Russian's do not fry as many things as we do in the states. And meat when compared to cost of living, is much more expensive then in North America.
Here is a local market in Kiev. We took this photo the summer of 2007.
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Do you learn Russian by watching an attractive Russian woman's lips pronounce the words? A lot of people don't, and need more of a visual of the actual word. Like the same way you learned your first words such as Dog, Cat, Truck, etc...

Anyway, fell free to click on the "Hot for Words" Russian girl to see cool videos which will help you in learning Russian all around.
Speaking of learning Russian from watching a woman pronounce the words...Do you remember what the above word is?
Okay, great! So how do you say MEAT in Russian?
We wanted to take a minute to explain that being married to a Russian or Ukrainian woman has its advantages. This is not to take anything away from any other girls of the world, or American woman. But the way that the Eastern Euro girl takes care of her self both emotionally and physically is something that is very usually deep rooted! More over, most Russian girls hold strong morals and make some of the best mothers I have ever known.

I happened to find the girl who is now my Russian wife on accident one day at an amusement park in Denver Colorado. Since meeting her, I completely lost interest in any other type of woman. Even after she left back to her country after we spent the summer of 2005 together. I waited for 2 years to get our K-1 Visa and was only able to visit her one time in that time frame! It was well worth it. From the way she walks, talks, dresses to how smart and sometimes strict, she challenges me and even after 4 years being married I still have not lost interest.