I want to know more about Russia
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Here are some fresh facts straight from Russia!

1) Railroads in Russia are wider than any where else in the world. This started by Peter the First in the 17th century. Germany
   asked them, the Russians, if they would like to make their rail roads thinner to match the rest of the outlining countries, Russia
   replied with, no.

2) Saint Petersburg was originally called Leningrad because of Lenin...

3) Mendeleev created Vodka.

4) Kvas is the Coca Cola of Russia, of coarse these days they do have Coca Cola also. Its sort of a root beer cola mix. They put it
   on top of cut vegetables for a dish that's called Okroshka. 

5) It is a little stricter now, but in general, even a 15 year old would easily be able to buy a Cigar and Vodka almost anywhere.

6) A person would not normally carry an empty bucket, this is considered bad luck.

7) If you forget something at home, you would not go back to get it, this would also be bad luck.

8) When you pass a church, walking or driving, you would cross your chest...

9) They do not work on Sundays, you know, like how America used to be. Even manual labor, no work!

10) Popular sports are Hockey, Hockey with ball and no ice, Soccer, Tennis and Basketball.

11) Restrooms are not all over, let alone clean. It is common for a bus, for example, to stop in a forest for the passengers..to...well.

Ever wonder what Russian Antiques looked like? Yea, me neither!
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