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Bridge to Russian likes to be for all eyes and all ages to learn Russian with. And we are! In Europe, including Russia and Ukraine, female form is shown more then it is in the United States. You will see female parts there on posters and in movies anywhere, shopping malls, on the street etc..

You would see things there that you would never see here in the USA. It is a part of Russia and Ukraine and this website is dedicated to being a part of your learning about Russia as well! = )

So anyway, do you now know how to say Rubashka in Russian! HA, we did it again, reversed that on you! Shirt in Russian is Rubashka! Its a fun word to say isn't it? Rubashka, Shirt, Rubashka, Shirt, Rubashka, Shirt, Rubashka, Shirt, Rubashka, Shirt...