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This "Bridge to Russia" website has over 3,000 pages for you to learn Russian with. The words being taught and the order in which they are, took tons of research! Some categories are short, others are long and others follow a theme. Once you begin to learn here, you will have fun and want to learn more! Also you may go through your day to day life finding your self thinking about a new good word (or words) you recently learned.
The words in the levels above help each other in two ways. The words stand out from one another making them more easily remembered. This helps to insure less confusion and mixing of translations. Second, a previously learned word is brought back and used together with a completely new Russian word.

You will find necessary tools here such as how to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet along with Russian numbers, Russian Grammar Lessons and Russian lingual rules. It is all taught through crazy but very effective stimulus, a lot of which is done Visually. We know you will love learning Russian here!
The Website and its Services are constructed to be fun and easy to use. You will want to learn Russian!

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Don't let other Russian Websites scare you.We make learning Russian easy and fun. Bridge To Russian's home page  holds some key words like why, when, hello, please, etc... But there are many useful need-to-know words along most all of the levels of Bridge to Russian, advanced or not.
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Russian Animals
Russian Climate

Well, how can we put this; It's like explaining the weather in America rather than by each state. A lot of Russia however has normal weather patterns of warm and cold that increases as you travel east. Moscow, St. Petersburg and the surrounding territories usually see summers in the 32's (or 89.6 F) and winter chills of 25 below (or -13 F). A lot of the country is similar to Canada. Buildings in Russian may share vast networks of large insulated tubes providing heat and ventilation. Another thing you may be used to seeing are all the fur coats and hats. These serve more of a practical need than they do social statement.