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Learn Russian visually, or go to for 55,000 sentences and words in Russian. Together, its like having your own online Russian Tutor, and Russian Language, EXPERT available whenever you need. You can learn Russian professionaly and at your own pace!

You will succeed in learning Russian!
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Find Language Exchange partners from around the world to practice and improve your Russian language skills. Make new friends and discover new worlds.
Rather than Bridge to Russian creating our own live chat for students to learn a new language, we found a cool and already free way for business partners, professionals & students a like, from all around the world, to connect and chat with each other.

Bridge to Russian decided to partner with someone who is very serious about learning languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. This brings you, the website user, the benefit of service, experience and plenty of Russian speaking students, both guys and girls, eager to partner up with you.

Please don't think this is a marketing or affiliate site referral thing, Bridge to Russian gets no compensation from Terralinguas and we believe the best way to learn Russian, is online and free!

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