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Click on any image above to go to the page that word is on. You will see how fun and easy it can be to learn Russian words. Bridge to Russian makes it fun to learn by letting you learn one word at a time, and seeing the words in the English alphabet. It has worked for hundreds of people and proves to be a better way to learn because it is not only easier, but more engaging. Once you start to build a vocabulary, you will automatically learn the Cyrillic alphabet as you see it around you. For example on Russian TV, on Russian street signs or magazines and books. Basically the harder it is for a person to learn, the worse chance at staying focused and wanting to continue one will have. With Bridge to Russian, you learn not only with English words presented in the sound of the Russian translation (this is how a lot of Russian's and Ukrainian's actually type and text to each other as well) but you also learn with fun pictures. One word at a time, learn the word, move on to the next word. Trying to learn a set of Russian words makes it a lot harder for a student to remember them. One random word at a time gives you a much better chance at not only remembering the word you learned, but also wanting to learn more. Each word is different and we try to make learning Russian fun, not boring. No other Russian website cares this much that people actually learn and not just click on their ads! We have taken many considerations into the way people learn, much like Rosetta Stone has done, except we are a Free Russian website. Learn Russian for free online!

Bridge To Russian stays actively involved with this website and spent a lot of time listening to what people had to say about how they learned Russian. Despite neat programs like Rossetastone we got a lot of the same answers. Obviously being in Russia or Ukraine would be the best approach to learning the language. The second best way is also the most practical, visual stimulation! This website takes that technique head on and makes sure you WILL LEARN RUSSIAN!

There is literally one page per word; as well many pictures, animated & interactive images & lots of very useful information. Not many websites have taken the time and dedication for a task a huge as a "Bridge to Russian Website". That plus the way in which most memories work via the Optical Lobe, we can be confident that this website is absolutely the best way to learn the Russian language. On top of that, it's FREE!

"Stan Lee's SuperHumans", Super Human Memory; Ron White was taken to The University of Texas. He was the first and only person to get a 100% on a test which had been in use for twenty years! Ends up Ron's brain is using the visual part of his brain way more than a normal person. Ron white's optical lobe (which runs the mechanical control of eyesight as well integrates visual input) is super advanced! Ron White, a world memory champion, is a visual learner.

Perfect Russian, can be a very hard thing to master! Having a personal Russian tutor can be the difference of success for many people. With online Russian tutoring, you can go at your own pace. Learning Russian here can be fun, but to learn you have to put your heart into it. Learn about Russia and discover fun facts about the language. Anything you do on this website will help you understand Russia and the language. Even in Ukraine they speak mostly Russian. If you need to know how to speak Russian, you have here a really good online free Russian resource. You don't need some Russian software, use this wonderful website. Take advantage of the best ever online free Russian website!

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